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"This is the BEST submarine documentary I have ever seen." - Fred Reker - SubVet USS Razorback

"Our verdict: Fantastic!" - Submarine Veteran Redfish Base / Ronald Sorjonen - SS 420 USS Tirante

- The True Life of the Submariner as Told by the Submariners ~ A Unique View of their Secret World

"This is one of those must see to appreciate films that we hear about all the time from Hollywood."

Gordon Palmer / National Editor

American Submariner Magazine

From USSVI NSVC (National Senior Vice Commander) Jon Jaques

As published in American Submariner Magazine:

"I give it five stars -- must see!"

Every once in a while, we watch a film or movie and say,


This was my response to the new two hour submarine documentary called "Submariners: The Men of the Silent Service" by filmmaker Tony Rollo. This is an important film at a time where the need for future submarines is now being debated in the halls of Congress.

"This is not a rehash of any previously released material -

it is new, fresh and fun. I loved it!"

Based in Nashville, Tony started reaching out to submarine veterans in 2010 after learning a cousin had made the polar run on the Nautilus in 1958. Following a visit to a base meeting of the volunteer base in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Tony was hooked on the idea of sharing in submarine history and veteran's stories to the viewing public -- a movie made for both the public and those already enthused about submarines.

As a collector of submarine artifacts, photos, and films, I thought I had seen most of the available vintage submarine film footage. The new material found in this documentary is nothing short of unbelievable. Even the most seasoned submarine veteran will enjoy some of the previously unseen footage in this film.

The interviews and comments from shipmates who were there are both informative and humorous. There were several points where I laughed out loud and a couple of places where I said, "Bulls*#t!" This film has something for everybody, especially if you love good sea stories and a great cast of characters.

Tony does an awesome job telling the history of the submarine force from inception to today's modern boats. When the film is done, you will smell the diesel fumes in your living room!

This is not a rehash of any previously released material -- it is new, fresh and fun. I loved it!

I give it five stars -- must see!

From American Submariner Magazine -

"Truly, a work of art."

Gordon Palmer / National Editor
American Submariner Magazine / USSVI

After watching "Submariners: The Men of the Silent Service", one would get a pretty good idea what part submarines and submariners played in our history.

Talking to Tony Rollo about the reason for producing the film, it was inspired by a childhood experience. He had a cousin who served on the USS Nautilus on its under the North Pole transit in 1958. From that time forward he was hooked on submarines. He produced the film in order to educate the general public. His film has made submariners reflect on their service and their experiences.

This is one of those must see to appreciate films that we hear about all the time from Hollywood. It brought back memories of being back on the boats.

Truly, a work of art.

While this Submarine Documentary was made primarily for the general public who are fascinated by submarine life as a look into the secret world of the Submarine Sailor, the Submarine Veterans are embracing the movie across the nation. The producer is greatful to the Submarine Community for their participation and are pleased to see the movie accepted by the submariners and Submarine Service Veterans.

The Submarine Documentary Feature Movie was mentioned in American Submariner Magazine in the November 2011 issue upon the street date release of the two DVD disc special edition of this submarine documentary:

Volunteer Base first to see sub film - by Nancy Yockey Bonar, USSVI life/associate; LIB

We've been awaiting a non-fiction, un-glamorized movie about what it's really like for the iron men who live and work aboard sharks of steel.

Just released is the DVD documentary, "Submariners: The Men of the Silent Service," featuring on-camera interviews with 15 submariners who served on board diesel-electric and nuclear boats.

Before the movie's final production, Tony Rollo, producer/director, invited USSVI's Volunteer Base (Tennessee) to a private screening.

Among base members' comments -

"Rollo tells the submarine story better than I've ever seen. It's more than about subs as weaponry. It's about the lives of submariners. This documentary should be shown in every school in the country." - Capt. Fred Reker, (USNR Ret), USS Razorback (SS 394).

"The movie's impressive. It has something for everyone..." - Jim Sandman (USN Ret), FTS(SS)/underway Lay Leader, four subs, including qual boat, USS Bergall (SSN 667).

..Rollo says the documentary's main focus is on what the men of The Silent Service have to say, that the unscripted submariners give the film its story lines.

"Sure there's history, technology and hardware, but it's the submariners who provide the action, surprises, excitement, salty language, and hilarious personalities and situations.

"Submariners: The Men of the Silent Service" is on two DVD disks. Among stories is one told by a USS Scorpion crew member who's transferred to USS Nautilus before Scopion and all hands were lost in 1968.

The second disk features lots of humor, the ways submariners relieve stress. To see the movie trailers, and for ordering info,

Tony Rollo, Nashville, is a film producer, actor, director and writer, and a member of the American Historical Association and the Tennessee Historical Society.

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    Submarine Documentary Movie

    The Men of the Silent Service

    The Men of the Silent Service

    There has never been
    a Submarine Documentary
    like this one!

    Now on DVD.

    This Feature Submarine Documentary is available in a 2 DVD disc collector's set.

  • Disc One:

    Contains the main feature Submarine Documentary full length movie.

  • Disc Two:

    The second DVD disc contains special added submarine documentary features and original featurettes.

    Also a collection of stories, tall tales, technical commentaries and funny "out takes" that could not fit anywhere else but are just too humorous and interesting to not include in this great collection.

    Disc two runs approx 2 hours in total.

    The original featurettes on disc two of the Submarine Documentary DVD contain more content from the fifteen submariners in the feature submarine documentary.

    The collection of lost scenes are simply fun and sometimes hillarious where the submarine sailors tell their story of how they ended up in the submarine service in the United States Navy.

    Any military and Navy veteran can identify with these situations.

    Another main featurette from the submarine documentary is "A Crash-Dive Course in Submarine History". Live actors recreate historical figures such as John Holland, Admiral Dewey and more in such an uncanny manor that you will believe it's actual historic footage taken a century ago.

    This amazing collection of original films are set on a special submarine documentary 2 DVD disc collector set for many hours of enjoyment.

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